2013 AALSO Symposium – Oakland CA

2013 Symposium


The 2013 AALSO Symposium was held in Oakland CA, hosted by the California Academy of Sciences, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, The Marine Mammal Center and Aquarium of the Bay from March 24th thru 27rd, 2013.


Symposium Agenda

CLICK HERE for the Agenda for the 19th Annual Aquatic Animal Life Support Operators Symposium in Oakland.
Symposium Abstracts
2013 AALSO Abstracts




Host Facility Spotlights:

California Academy of Sciences

-Shepherd, B

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

-Thomas, P

Aquarium of the Bay

-Low, C

The Marine Mammal Center

-Promessi, T & Hoard M


Short Facility Updates:

Oakland Zoo

-Fink, A

Monterey Bay Aquarium

-Modisette, N

Aquarium of the Pacific

-Ritchie, S

San Francisco Zoo

-Krusman, E


Keynote Speaker:

When the Aquarium by the Sea becomes the Aquarium in the Sea

-Ethier, D


Innovative Renovations for the Future:

Onsite Chlorine Generation for Marine Mammal Enclosures

– Churchill, T


Life Support within an Organization – Where are you?

– Murac, M


Remote Monitoring and I-Pad Integration

– Harding, A


LSS Philosophy, Design, Installation commissioning and ongoing operation

– Warner ,C


Benefits of Electronic Data Logging – Plantlog Case Study

– Duffy, J & Bautista, A


Old Equipment + Energy Audit…Nightmare or Dream Come True?

– Hargrave, D & Ruddell, L


Innovative Renovation of the world’s largest Jelly Kriesel – Making the Unimaginable, Possible

– Masson, J & Hall, E


Monitoring ORP Drifts and Using Alternative Electrodes

– Yankie, J


Automation Upgrades for a Children’s Freshwater Inactive

– Willingham, A


Sea Otter Coliform Tracking

– Carr, C & Cooley, P


Occupational Diving

– Chapman, S


Building an Occupational Dive Program from the Ground Up

– Jessup, E


Water Quality, Environments and Animal Health Concerns: Current and Future Considerations for Veterinarians, Facility Managers and Designers

-Dr.  Walsh, M


Veterinary Medicine and Water Quality as an Integrated Unit of the Animal Health Department

-Dr. Dunker, F