Education is very important to the AALSO Organization, our membership, and the industry. Here you will find many resources for continued education opportunities in the areas of Life Support Systems and Water Quality for aquatic animal systems. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, a manager, or anything in between – we have tools to help you succeed.


Education and Training Program


Certification Program


AALSO Field Guide

  • Over 200 pages of industry specific information written by members for members


Annual AALSO Symposium and Workshops 

  • Facility Lectures
  • Workshops
  • Certifications
  • 5000 gallon automated water loop
  • Sponsorship Opportunities


Feed back from AALSO Members

  • “AALSO membership and certification are two criteria I take into account when hiring new life support operators. I want all of the operators at our institution to become certified.”
  • The certification program is on course. The study guide was well done. I believe building confidence in that Level 1 operator through a certification program is the most important objective of AALSO. That Level 1 operator is the future AALSO.
  • The certification program is great! I personally place a lot of value on this program, and hope to see it continue and expand.
  • Study Guide
  • Practice Exams
  • Formulas and Practice