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AALSO members are the water quality and mechanical system professionals that move the water, design and maintain the systems, develop and distribute the products to manage the daily requirements for animals in our care at hundreds of facilities across the world.  We care for the systems that make animal care possible.  We are a 501 c6 nonprofit organization focusing on the education and training of aquatic life support operators around the world. We as an organization do not act as a consultant to our members directly regarding projects or problems, however we create a pathway for our members to learn about the latest technology in the industry and act as a forum for members to connect and discuss the care of aquatic animals in captivity.  Formed in 1994 we are supported by the entire industry.  From operators to vendors and researchers to administrators, we are the premier professional organization dedicated to this multifaceted discipline. If you have ever selected or maintained a pump, glued PVC pipe, adjusted an ozonator, measured dissolved oxygen, pH or ammonia, measured flow or temperature, open or closed a valve, chances are you are less than two removes from an AALSO member!  


Mike Bajek

Landry's Golden Nugget
Las Vegas, NV
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Wes Schmidt

Minnesota Zoo
Apple Valley, MN
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Laurie Kormos

Steinhart Aquarium
San Francisco, CA
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Joel Yankie

Columbus Zoo & Aquarium
Powell, OH
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Board Of Directors

Jeff Gibula

Newport Aquarium
Newport KY,
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Love Ruddell

Denver Zoo
Denver, CO
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Dennis Ethier

Wildlife Conservation Society
New York Aquarium
Brooklyn, NY
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President's Advisory Council

Leo Lester

Malden, MA
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Gennaro D'Alterio

Met-Pro Global Pump Solutions
Telford, PA
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Amy Riedel-Stone

Aquatic Equipment and Design
Orlando, FL
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Vendor Board of Directors

Brandon Baker

Ryan Herco Flow Solutions
Orlando, FL
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Bill Weaver

Harrington Plastics
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Drew Tubb

Integrated Aqua Systems
Escondido, CA
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Committee Members

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Education & Certification
Mike Bajek - Chair
Remy Corner - Chair
Joe Arlotto
Arnel Bautista
Dr. Jeri Fox
Matt Hoard
Steve Massar
Matt Regensburger
Jeff Sedon
Chris Spaulding
Katie St. Clair
Byron Waller
Love Ruddell - Chair
Emily Margolen
Wes Schmidt
Mike Waffle
Jeff Gibula - Chair
Brian Dorne
Jeff Sedon
Iulia Siemen
Karen Tuttle Stearns
Joel Yankie
Dennis Ethier - Chair
Robert Andy Diercks
Matt Hoard
Todd Devlin-Perry
International & Recruitment
Mike de Maine - Chair
Joe Arlotto
Mike Bajek
Chris Eccles
Bruce Eernisse
Tom Eles
Nathalie Le Francois
George Tenhagen
Chris Warner

Sales & Marketing 
Laurie Shaw - Chair
Anthony Benvenuto
Ted Kampe
Daryl McGill
Jennifer Nakayama
Kellie West
Local Facilities 
Emily Margolen - Chair
Andrew Bywater
Jeff Gibula
Joe Jacques
Barney Marcus
Love Ruddell


The AALSO board is nominated and elected by Individual Members.  Any Individual Member in good standing may be nominated, cast his or her vote, or fulfill a term as an officer or director.  (Click here to be taken to the nomination form) Elections are held during the business meeting at the Annual Symposium.  The current AALSO Board offers its suggested nominations in advance of the elections.  All officers serve a minimum of a one year term and may only hold a position for three consecutive years.




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