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Point Four Systems specializes in the design, manufacture, and supply of systems for the measurement, control, and diffusion of oxygen and other gases in water. We manufacture a range of microbubble ceramic diffusers, oxygen injection systems, and water quality monitor and control systems. Our products include a Monitoring and Control System with customizable PC program with trending, logging, and web enablement. New to our line are a handheld Total Dissolved Gas Pressure Meter, and a Dissolved CO2 meter.

PT4 Tracker – handheld meter with optional Smart Probes (TGP, pH, Conductivity/Salinity, ORP/REDOX, and Temperature)

PT4 Tracker

  • Originally designed for measuring Total Dissolved Gas Pressure to prevent Gas Bubble Trauma in fish, it is now offered with 4 different PT4 Smart Probes.
  • Optional Datalogging with PC Software
  • Rechargeable battery with optional external battery attachment for long-term monitoring
  • Optional wireless communication
  • User defined primary display screen

PT4 Smart Probes

  • Temperature and barometric pressure compensated.
  • Store calibrations and parameters within the probe’s built-in memory, allowing probes to be changed without meter calibration every time.
  • One meter for all probes purchased – reduces costs
  • Datalogging capable and external battery connection.

Dissolved CO2 Meter – handheld or stationary monitoring system

  • Is not affected by other dissolved substances because it measures free dissolved CO2 gas directly.
  • Easy to calibrate, with long calibration intervals.
  • No regular maintenance.

NEW Handy Polaris – handheld dissolved oxygen meter

  • Temperature and barometric pressure compensated.
  • Automatic calibration.
  • Extremely long battery life.
  • Comes with four language options: English, Français, Espa͂nol, and Deutsch.

PT4 Monitor – customizable monitoring and control system for managing water quality parameters.

  • Up to eight channels can be displayed and monitored simultaneously, each with its own warning light and audio alarm, as well as a common alarm, for out of range conditions.
  • Compatible with any sensor producing a mV or 4-20 mA output to monitor dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH, salinity, total dissolved gas pressure, and conductivity.
  • Built-in datalogging/transfer and real-time trending (with optional software)
  • Optional remote paging for a distance up to 2.2 km, auto-dialer, and remote PC connection.

Oxygen and CO2 Diffusers – options to suit every application and budget.

Microbubble Diffusers

  • Efficient – uses less oxygen and fewer diffusers
  • Robust construction
  • High absorption rates

Wedge-Lock Diffusers

  • Modular system of diffusers for maximum versatility.
  • Up to 8 “Twist and Lock” together

Econo Diffusers

  • Economical
  • Easy to install
  • Flat design minimizes rising air bubble coalescence

Porous Hose

  • Flexible, low-cost option
  • Releases gas uniformly along its entire length
  • Very durable
  • Low bubbling pressure

Point Four’s success is built on our willingness to go that extra mile in understanding our customer’s requirements, supplying unbiased technical consultation and thorough after-sales support.

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